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Autoresponder Madness is the #1 autoresponder email training program by Andre Chaperon. It' been hailed as the best online training program from all the "big" online marketers.

Andre has taken a very different approach to the norm when delivering the content. In fact, it's actually delivered via a sequence of emails over a few weeks to prevent "information overload", you know what I'm talking about – right?

Rather than creating a 150+ page PDF he's decided to give you "installments", so you can digest the information piece by piece. You even get to follow along and do it as he tells you.

It's a really cool way of doing things.

But this isn't about how Autoresponder Madness is delivered, I want to tell you what Autoresponder Madness is and the ultra valuable "bonus" you're going to get.

Not only is it unique in the way it's delivered, but it's unique in what you learn.

For example; no other system teaches you how to create an SOS (Soap Opera Sequence).

"What is a Soap Opera Sequence?"

You've seen this before – it's pretty straight forward …

Take your favorite soap, you might not be a soap fan but lets just take an example – Dallas!

Dallas was a massive hit in the 80's that always ended with a "cliffhanger". Basically what that means is; the end of the episode would always finish on a very dramatic note (usually with accompanying music)!

The SOS (Soap Opera Sequence) basically means you create a story similar to how Dallas and most other popular TV "soaps" do.

Autoresponder madness teaches you exactly how to do it. Part of the system is "storyboarding" – every TV show or movie is created using storyboards.

The "cliffhanger" is the dramatic end. It's got the audience's attention, it has them excited and wanting more. But then damn! …

They have to wait to next time to see what's going to happen.

Get the idea?

I must admit, Autoresponder Madness does one hell of a job teaching you how to do this.

Not only that but you learn how to create open loops.

"What are open loops?"

And open-loop is a subplot within a plot. To keep it simple it's about telling or showing people something that you come back to later – sometimes, MUCH later.

Ever seen a movie that starts with the ending or near the end. Ever thought: "What's happening here?"

Then later as the movie progresses two and tqo come together and it all makes sense.

Well, you can now learn to do this via email marketing. You will learn these critical techniques to awesome email creation that will have your leads and customers engaged, ready for more.

Do you know anyone else that can say that their leads/customers WANT to hear from them?

Open-rates, attention, and trust go through the roof when you implement the strategies you're taught.

But I'm not here to sell the product, you probably already know most of what Autoresponder Madness does.

Instead, I'm here to tell you about the AutoResponder Madness Bonus I'm giving you …

I'm Mark Acutt and have been a personal friend of Andre Chaperon since high school. I've been online marketing since 2007 and Andre and myself share very similar marketing principals,

I also have my own email marketing program. It doesn't "replace" ARM, instead it supplements it.

It's called: "The List Connection".

The List Connection

The List Connection

It's more about taking what you learn in Autoresponder Madness and implementing it. In TLC I take an entirely different approach and also reaserch whether or not you've got the right product to present to your audience.

It even covers demographic research and customer porfiling. Then how to create your ARM style emails for your specific niche (market).

TLC is a full product (delivered over 5 installments) that even gives you real examples on how to create the emails and goes one step further…

"Email Interaction" (EI)

In TLC I show you how to get your lead/customer to "interact" with your emails by giving and showing them valuable information.

Oh, did I say: "Valuable relevant information pertaining to your niche?"

TLC is a $97 product alone (see here). If you get Autoresponder Madness via my link (yes, this one) then I'll give you TLC as a free bonus. 100% no catches and it won't cost you a penny.

I have Andre Chaperon's blessing to offer this to you. He sees ARM and TLC as the only two email marketing packages you'll ever need, and I second that.

So do yourself a favor, and get Autoresponder Madness V3 now.

All you have to do is click the link below and get Autoresponder Madness V3 (third edition).

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