Benefits of Email Marketing

Building a list is imperative for any business to succeed be it online or off.

It doesn't matter whether your a restaurant, hair salon or selling products online, building a list of subscribers or clients is what will set your business apart from the rest in 2013.

Email marketing is a great way to maximize your profits and minimize the time you need to spend on marketing your business.

It also allows you to better connect with your clients and subscribers and gives you an opportunity to put forward your products without having to spend time and money on advertising and getting your products or services out there.

It doesn't matter if your an old hat at marketing online or a total newbie, it's really easy to set up systems and processes to fully automate your business.

Not only is it super simple to create, the costs are low. This however is dependent on how much you are willing to pay.

Your initial start up costs are the cost are your domain name, hosting account and a autoreponder provider such as Aweber, infusionsoft or getresponse. Depending on the hosting and the email marketing software that you choose will determine how much your initial cost will be.

So lets look at the overall benefits if email marketing to any business either offline or online:

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  • It builds great customer relations


Not only should you be building a list you should also be building a relationship with your list of clients or subscribers. To build a great relationship you need to build trust.

Ideally when you put together your email marketing strategy you should make sure that you do so on a personal level so that your clients or subscribers will get to know the person behind the email messages.

This will help you to build a trust between you and the recipient which in turn will make you the go to guy or gal when they look for knowledge or products to solve their problems.

Always try to be honest with your email list, if you do that then there's no reason why you cannot build a solid foundation for a relationship.

Never lie to them to get a sale otherwise you will lose credibility and customers.

Once that you have built up a good level of trust and communication then you will more than likely see your open rates and click through rates greatly increase.

Nine times out of ten if someone buys something from you once and has a good experience with doing business with you then you will almost certainly have a customer for life.

Trust = Loyalty

However once you have done the work to build that trust then it's imperative that you keep the trust, commitment and communication going. List can easily go cold if they don't hear from you in a long time. You need to remind them that you are there.

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  • You can let your subscribers know of new products


Email marketing is a great way to tell your clients and subscribers all about the new products or services that are being released. As I said before whether you have an offline or online business letting you clients know about your exciting new stuff is easier.

Using email marketing for this is great to give you an idea of how will your product or service is received before you release it to the mass market. If you list gets to test drive your product first they can also give you some great testimonials to put on your site for others to see when it's finally ready for mass production.

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  • Making sales


If you have an offline business and your products didn't sell as well as you thought they would then you can offer the left over stock at a discounted price to you email lists.

If you have an online business then you can easily give you sales a great boost by offering your email subscribers something "extra" with your product such as bonuses, discount codes or free membership access.

Make you email list feel like they get something exclusive. Something that others don't get if they aren't on your list. This will ensure that you keep them happy and keep them on your list.

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