Build a relationship with your subscriber – Don't just sell to them!

Most online marketers fail to make the grade when it comes to email marketing. But it's not email marketing that doesn't work it's their approach to it.

Rather than using emails as a hard sell try opting for the softly, softly approach.

One of the most important things you must do to achieve success online is to build a solid relationship with your subscriber.

Making sure that you build a relationship with your customer base will determine whether you get a customer for life built on loyalty or your competitor does.

Think about it this way, who would you rather buy something from. Say for example you wanted to buy a TV. Your friend had one for sale that you like, so did the guy down the street. They are very much the same TV and cost a fraction the same but who would you rather buy from?

Your friend? The one that you've known for a while, have built a relationship with, who you trust or the guy down the road who you never speak to except when he's trying to off load something on to you.

Yep you've guessed it the guy who you know and trust and talks to you even when he has nothing to sell.

Well email marketing works the same way.

It can also be quite competitive at times hence why if you and someone else is selling the exact same product, at the exact same time, at the exact same price the only thing that will set you apart and give you the competitive edge is the relationship that you have built with your subscribers.

Here's my top tips on building a relationship with your email lists:

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  • One of the best ways to build relationships with your subscriber is to strengthen the rapport between you and your customer.
  • Don't just contact your subscribers to sell something to them. Try to keep in contact with them on at least a monthly basis reminding them that your still there and maybe give them something for free now and again.
  • Find out by using surveys or questionnaires what your subscribers want from you. What are their needs, wants and desires.
  • As i said before give them something for free sometimes. Maybe create a mini report or membership.
  • Make your emails personal, share some information about you with them so they have an idea of the person behind the email.
  • If you find a piece of interesting information that may benefit your subscribers in some way or another then let them know about it.
  • Give your subscribers something of value every time you contact them


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Mark Acutt

I'm a full time online marketer. Originally from South Africa I moved to England in 1996 and eventually across to Spain in 2007 without knowing a thing about internet marketing. With no choice I had to make it it work, failure wasn't an option. After many hurdles I finally broke through the barriers. Now with 5+ years experience and profitable online systems you'll be pleasantly surprised to find I'm not your "regular" online marketer and only ever recommend quality products such as Autoresponder Madness.

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