Different types of email marketing

There are various different types of email marketing that you can use in your business.

Email marketing really gets your products and brand across to your clients or subscribers.

Here's how you can do this:

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  • Using an opt-in on your site


Whether you have a blog, presell page or a bog standard sales page you should always have an opt-in box on your site.

This way if visitors come across your site and like what they see on it then they should subscribe to your email list. Then when they enter your list then you can make them aware of your up and coming products etc.

There are a few "anti spam" regulations that you need to keep in mind when your doing your email marketing. Having an opt-in means that they have given you their permission to send them information however if you only have a single opt-in then you could be in trouble if someone complains.

Your best option is always to have a double opt-in. That way there is no way that someone can say that they didn't opt-in to receive your emails.

So what's the difference between single opt-in and double opt-in?

A single opt-in is where you visit a site or similar and you enter your name and email address. You then get emails straight away from whom ever you signed up with. It's only having a single opt-in that can cause problems for you as a business.

That's because anyone can enter that email address and name. For example someone who has a gripe with you knows your name and email address and can easily sign you up to any sort of email list.

However a double opt-in means that you have to fill in your name and email address and then check your inbox and then "confirm" that email address by clicking on the link inside the email.

That way if someone else has access to you name and email address they cannot just sign you up for something that you don't want to receive because you have to go into you email inbox and "confirm" that you want to receive emails from that person.

See how that works?

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  • Newsletter


A newsletter can be sent to your list of subscribers on a weekly, bi monthly or monthly basis. When you send out the newsletter is solely dependent on you. There's no right or wrong way on the time frame of sending newsletters.

However always be consistent. If you send them on a weekly basis then you need to be able to keep up the pace of sending them on a weekly basis. That way you will train your subscriber list to "expect" your newsletter in the time frame that you specify.

If you fail to miss a week then you can expect to have some people un-subscribe. Which don't make for a good reputation of reliability.

In those newsletters make sure that you always give them "value". Give them something to look forward to next week. If you give them something that they find invaluable to them then they won't be able to resist the urge to to open your next newsletter.

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