Why is Email Marketing so effective in the world of online marketing?

Email marketing is a great way to build relationships either with your customers or network with other like minded people in your industry.

Here are six reasons why email marketing is effective in the online industry!

1 – Email Marketing is one of the best and most fastest ways to leverage on the internet.

That's because it's so easy to write an email, tailor it to include their name to make it more personal and send it out to hundreds or even thousands of your subscribers.

2 – It's also highly scalable. It doesn't matter how many subscribers or clients that you have you can always reach out to each and everyone of them with just a click of the "broadcast" button. You can't do that offline now can you?

3 – You can automate your enter sales process. If you use an email marketing solutions package such as Aweber or Infusionsoft you can easily schedule emails to be set each time a new subscriber opts in. You can even set up a series of emails that are sent out at times that you set.

4 – It highly targeted. People that receive your emails are doing so because they have "chosen" to receive information from you. So they are more than likely to buy from you because they will have already been pre-qualified.

5 – Email Marketing acts as a great way to "presell" something. It goes without saying that you can't fit a whole sales letter into one email but you can create an auto-responder email series that will pre-sell your stuff to them and then redirect them to your blog or offer, where ever you want them to go or what ever you want them to do.

6 – You can make the emails as personal as you want. Depending on the information that you get them to fill in when they opt in will mean how personal you can make your email. For example if you ask them to fill in their first and last name then using "predetermined" pieces of code that you insert into your emails (given to you via your email marketing software) you can make them as personal as you want.

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